About us

One of the things the internet excels at is creating a broad network of people online, But when it comes to networking, only being in somebody’s network doesn’t help unless there is any mutual objective or interest. A key element to effective networking is to make yourself well known for the capabilities and expertise you possess so that people can reach out to you when they need help.

OkayConnect is a platform that helps you build professional connections that matters to you in real-time. It helps you build a network that focuses on the end-goal and purpose of the connections made.

It is new-age networking where you only connect with a purpose that helps overcome the challenges of professional networking and make worthy connections.

We have limited connections at our office or near our home but we do realize that the world is full of possibilities and we can make the best out of it. OkayConnect helps to explore these possibilities by connecting with the right purpose with the right professional in real-time. It offers real-time connectivity that helps to build professional relationships instantly. Be it an event, travelling locally or abroad, or simply sitting by your home, it matches your skills with relevant professional people whom you want to connect with.